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Need professional dog training?

I help confused dog owners go from exhausted by their dog’s crazy behavior to finding clarity on the right training methods that get results so they can enjoy the calm companion they’ve always dreamed of.

If this describes you and your goals, we may just be a perfect fit for each other! I would be delighted to help you achieve the peace and harmony your household longs for!

I help solve problems including housetraining, counter-surfing, jumping on people, barking, digging, reactivity and leash-pulling, chewing, begging and stealing, getting along with other animals, fears and separation anxiety, and puppy nipping.

Get results fast! Most of my clients see results after the first session.

Heather Smith, Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer and Behaviorist

I Do This Through My Online Dog Training Program

My clients can get the information they need to get results quickly after purchasing my services, rather than waiting to get on my schedule.

In my program, I show you communication techniques and lifestyle tweaks that make all the difference in achieving the transformation you need.

So, let me ask you something:

How much is it worth to you to have all of your dog's annoying, inconvenient behaviors disappear?


Maybe you’re already spending big bucks to cope with the problem you’re facing with your dog’s behavior.

Think of all the disposable puppy pads you must buy.

Or the cost to replace all the furniture your dog has chewed – that could be thousands!

Maybe this training would save you the embarrassment of your dog jumping on your guests…

Or maybe all the time and money you’ve invested into your beautiful garden, just to see your dog dig it up.

Would it save you stress and headaches if the barking would stop?

What is it worth to you to have your dog walk calmly beside you on a walk?

How much of your time, money and energy would you save if these problems were solved?


Take a moment to tally it all up


Maybe having more time to yourself and having less stress over your dog would give you the energy to pursue your dreams or do better at your job, possibly allowing you to make more money?

Maybe it would allow you to be more available to your family, since the dog-related stress would be gone.

Maybe the reduction of stress would benefit your health and wellbeing.

If you could have the answers right away, and get the results within a matter of weeks, even days… how much would you pay?

$800? $1,000? $2,000??

I have good news

It doesn’t cost anywhere near that much


My program alone is valued at $1,440

But today, I’m not even asking that much, and I have some special bonuses for you!

For a short time, I’m letting new clients in with special bonuses!


It's not by chance that you found this page. Today, life with your dog could change for the better!

With your Total Transformation membership, you’ll get:

♥ The fundamental recipe for the results you’re seeking, all within a few short hours of instructional videos - printable handouts included to help your family members stay on the same page with your dog's training!

♥ Access to a library of behind-the-scenes in-home training videos and bonus content to help you get the most out of your training sessions – see me in action!

♥ Attend live group coaching calls to get your unique questions answered, and learn from other pet parents' questions.

♥ Access our private community for support - only for members! Inside, pet parents, like yourself, can share their victories and struggles during the training process. (The great news is: it's not a Facebook group! Access the community right from the membership portal!)

And These Great Bonuses:

 One-on-one video sessions with me, where I’ll help you customize training to fit your dog’s personality and style – just like in-home sessions! Get the help and attention you paid for!

(The private calls alone are worth the price of this program!)

♥ Complementary access to my Dog Tricks Membership - completely free (a value of $21.99 per month)!


Get These Bonuses for a Limited Time!

Because of the one-on-one sessions included with this offer, I can only accept 40 people into my program at a time.

After those spots are filled, this offer will go away!


So How Do I Sign Up?

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Dog Training Client Reviews and Testimonials

My training methods have worked for so many of my clients, and I know my program will work for you!

Take a look at what some of them have had to say:

Wendy and Ben


"Highly Recommend!"

"Before Heather we had 2 over-reactive dogs that we dreaded taking on walks. Within 4 sessions our dogs are calmer around the house, on walks, and around other dogs. Heather is such a good observer of animal behavior…she was able to point out the details we were missing. She gave us effective homework between meetings and we now have more obedient dogs and a better relationship with them."

Trainer comment: Thank you so much! I'm so glad I could help!

John and Alisa


"Heather is very knowledgeable and was great with helping us train our golden retriever. We have noticed a big change in his behavior from the time she first came to our last session. His manners are much improved and he even learned some new tricks! I would recommend Heather to anyone who is trying to train their pet."

Trainer comment: It was great to work with such dedicated new puppy owners! Cheers to you: my very first clients! ~ Love, Heather ♥



"Last summer we welcomed the fifth golden retriever to our home in the last 20+ years. Each puppy, of course, has had its own personality. On the day the present puppy arrived, we discovered a few of his personality traits. The one that sticks out the most was that he was very frightened of noises. Whether it was a delivery truck or a motorcycle going by, he would run to safe places and hide. I knew we were going to need someone special to help provide the training he would require. After doing some research, I contacted Heather. She was the perfect choice for our new household addition! Calm, knowledgeable, patient, with some tricks up her sleeve, she recorded sessions and gave suggestions for overcoming our concerns. Her training sessions were always reasonable in length, well planned, and reasonably priced. I would be happy to recommend Heather to those who are searching for help working through puppy issues. We absolutely adore our very athletic one-year-old "puppy" who runs and plays ball daily and is still perfecting lessons from Heather."

Trainer comment: It was a joy to work with you and Ziggy! Best wishes for a calm, confident, happy, healthy life! ♥ Heather



"Very helpful at giving familiar ideas on what would work for their pet. Really connects with our dog and the dog looks forward to her coming. Definitely have made progress from sessions."

Trainer comment: Thank you for this kind review, and cheers to the most excitable dog I've met thus far! ~ "The Treat Lady"

Rich and Stephanie


"Heather has helped us gain insight into how to relate to our two dogs, Gandalf and Pepper, and be more effective in training them."

Trainer comment: Thank you - it was always a joy working with you!

Angie K.


"Heather has been a great trainer, and our dog has come so far with her guidance. We highly recommend her to anyone!"

Trainer comment: I am so happy to work with such dedicated pet parents! Peanut has come so far in overcoming his fears! Keep going!



"I was beside myself of what to do. I never had to deal with the behaviors my new puppy displayed, so I called Heather. I employed the methods she taught me, and by her third visit, the bad behaviors were a distant memory. Thank you Heather!"

Trainer comment: You are so welcome!



"Wow! What an affordable price!"

Trainer comment: Thank you! I try to keep training affordable so everyone can experience the joys of training!



"[My puppy] Candy and I have learned a lot in our first few sessions, and the sessions were great! The best part is watching her learn and grow! I would definitely recommend Heather as a dog trainer to others!"

Trainer comment: Thanks! It was a joy watching Candy learn so fast!



"As a first-time dog owner, I wanted the best for my dog, so I invested in some training sessions. Heather's advice was great and in-line with many other positive trainers out there. She even shared some tips I haven't heard anywhere else! Her insight and ability are amazing!"

Trainer comment: Aww ♥ I enjoyed working with you!

Amelia M.


"It's good to know there are trainers out there like Heather who truly care about your dog's emotional state. True trust is the key to getting your dog to listen."

Trainer comment: Thank you so much! I appreciate that!

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Your review could be next!

I know you’ll love my training program!

~ Heather

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$130/month membership

Basic features

  • Program access
  • Private community access
  • Access to group coaching (4 sessions per month)
  •  1 one-on-one coaching call per month

Total Transformation

$720 for 6 month membership

Best Deal, Top Features (save $40 to $60!)

  • Program access
  • Private community access
  • Access to group coaching (4 sessions per month)
  • 2 one-on-one coaching calls per month
  • Dog Tricks Membership and community access

Good Deal

$380 for 3 month membership

Top features

  • Program access
  • Private community access
  • Access to group coaching (4 sessions per month)
  •  2 one-on-one coaching calls per month
  • Dog Tricks Membership and community access