Pet Lover's Passion Rewards

Pet Lover's Passion Rewards

For every 30-minute session you purchase, whether in-home or online, you get a paw print stamped. After you get 10 stamps, you get a 30-minute session free!
Pet Lover's Passion Rewards work for in-home training sessions, in-home pet massage sessions, and online nutrition and training sessions. Rewards stamps are not earned in group classes, consultations, online courses, pet sitting, or board-and-train services.

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Referrals: For every referral you make that results in a sale, you get a paw print stamped! (One stamp per household referred to Pet Lover's Passion.) (A "sale" is defined as a training session; consultations do not apply.)

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Pet Lover's Passion Rewards Terms and Conditions

Q: What if my session is longer than 30 minutes?
A: If your session is an hour and a half, you will get 3 stamps.

Q: What if my session is 45 minutes long?
A: 15 minute increments will not earn you a stamp. You would receive 1 stamp.

Q: How do I get my rewards card if I only buy online?
A: The trainer will send you a digital card by email. Every time you complete a session, the trainer will send you an updated card, via email, within 3 to 5 business days.

Q: Does my reward expire?
A: Your free 30-minute session expires 90 days from the date you've earned your 10th stamp.

Online Redemption: To redeem via an online session, email the trainer to schedule a time for your session.
In-Home Redemption Terms and Conditions: In-home training sessions must meet a minimum time requirement of 1-hour. The free 30 minutes will be deducted from the cost of the session; i.e. if your hourly rate is $40 and you've scheduled a 1-hour session, you would pay $20 with the redemption of your free 30 minutes.
‚ÄčIf you have already purchased a package of sessions, and would like to redeem your free 30-minute session as an add-on to an existing scheduled session, you must contact the trainer at least 48 hours prior for scheduling purposes.
Rewards cannot be redeemed as cash.

Please Note: Only verified clients will receive their free session reward. This way rewards cards cannot be forged. Once you redeem your free session you will receive a new rewards card with the purchase of your next session.

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