Pet Lover's Passion Rewards

Pet Lover's Passion Rewards

For every 30-minute session you purchase, whether in-home or online, you get a paw print stamped. After you get 10 stamps, you get a 30-minute session free!
Pet Lover's Passion Rewards work for in-home training sessions, in-home pet massage sessions, and online nutrition and training sessions. Rewards stamps are not earned in group classes, consultations, online courses, pet sitting, or board-and-train services.

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Referrals: For every referral you make that results in a sale, you get a paw print stamped! (One stamp per household referred to Pet Lover's Passion.) (A "sale" is defined as a training session; consultations do not apply.)

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Pet Lover's Passion Rewards Terms and Conditions

Pet Lover’s Passion Rewards: For every ten (10) 30-minute sessions Client purchases, Client gets one (1) 30-minute session free. Rewards stamps cannot be earned in group classes, consultations, online courses, pet sitting, or board-and-train services. Client must subscribe to the Pet Lover’s Passion email list to reap the benefit of Pet Lover’s Passion Rewards. Client may earn a stamp on their rewards card for every referral that results in a sale (one stamp per household referred). A sale is defined as a training session; consultations do not apply. Fifteen (15) minute increments do not earn Client a stamp. The free 30-minute session expires ninety (90) days from the date Client has earned their 10th stamp. Once Client redeems their free 30-minute session, they may start again with a new rewards card, as long as Client is still subscribed to the Pet Lover’s Passion email list. Client may redeem their free 30-minute session via online or in-person. If redeeming as an in-home session, Client must schedule for a minimum of 1 hour, meaning Client must either pay for the extra 30 minutes or Client may schedule a 1.5-hour session, so long as Client gives Trainer 48 hours’ notice and it fits into Trainer’s schedule. Rewards cannot be redeemed as cash. Trainer and Trainer’s agents keep careful records and know when Client has earned and/or redeemed their free 30-minute session. Client does not need a printed rewards card to prove they have earned their reward.


Q: What if my session is longer than 30 minutes?
A: If your session is an hour and a half, you will get 3 stamps.

Q: What if my session is 45 minutes long?
A: 15 minute increments will not earn you a stamp. You would receive 1 stamp.

Q: How do I get my rewards card if I only buy online?
A: The trainer will send you a digital card by email. Every time you complete a session, the trainer will send you an updated card, via email, within 3 to 5 business days.

Q: Does my reward expire?
A: Your free 30-minute session expires 90 days from the date you've earned your 10th stamp.

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