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Calm Dog Happy Life Blueprint

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In this program, I help tired and confused dog owners go from exhausted by their dog’s bad behavior to enjoying the calm companion they’ve always dreamed of, so they can live their best lives with their dogs. My step-by-step, very easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through the process of transforming the relationship you have with your dog so that you end up with training results that last! Members get answers to their unique questions during live group coaching calls throughout the month for an interactive experience! I'll even hop on a one-on-one call if you need it! :)

Experience the Peace and Freedom of a Well-Behaved Dog

This program gives you exactly what you need to transform you from an exhausted pet parent to enjoying a calm, well-behaved dog so that you can enjoy stress-free walks, a quiet home, and a dog that comes when called.

This program and all its bonuses is valued at $1,297.

I was originally asking $397 plus $15 per month, but with the hard times we're facing in America and around the world, I want to help as many people as possible get their dogs the training they need.

Training doesn't have to be expensive.

With my program, you will get all the information you would get in 5+ in-home training sessions (which cost $40/hour), and then some!

I want you to fully understand exactly what you're getting with your purchase today:

~ Step-by-step dog training instructions in video format (within the first few hours of joining, you'll know exactly how to transform life with your dog!)

~ Printable guides to keep everyone in your household on track with the training

~ Foundational Rules to fix the relationship between you and your dog so they’re willing to listen to you

~ How to implement methods and techniques to specific scenarios – view the exact information you need!

~ See me in action, training a variety of dogs in their homes

~ I’ll show you how to customize training to your dog’s personality and style – just like in-home sessions!

~ You can choose to attend live group coaching calls throughout the month to get your unique questions answered

And as a Bonus:

~ I'll even hop on a one-on-one call with you if you really need it! :)

~ Access to my private dog training community for support and comradery with other pet parents to share your struggles and celebrate your victories!

~ You can try my program for 30 days, and if you've followed my training methods to a T and you're still not seeing ANY results, I'll refund you your money. However, I will quiz you to see if you really were following my instructions. You must do the work and see no results to be considered for a refund.

*Your refund request must be received within 30 days after purchase, or it will not be considered.


The methods I teach have worked for so many of my clients, and I know they will work for you!

The good news is: you can get started right away!

I know you’ll love the results of my training program!

*Remember, you’re getting a HUGE discount on this program, valued at $1,297, normally priced at $397 - you can get in today for only $199 plus $15 per month thereafter!

That’s less than a package in-home training sessions!

Cancel your monthly subscription anytime!

You will not see this program sell for any cheaper than this, I can promise you that.

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Client Testimonials

"Before Heather we had 2 over-reactive dogs that we dreaded taking on walks. Within 4 sessions our dogs are calmer around the house, on walks, and around other dogs. Heather is such a good observer of animal behavior…she was able to point out the details we were missing. She gave us effective homework between meetings and we now have more obedient dogs and a better relationship with them." ~ Wendy and Ben

"Heather is very knowledgeable and was great with helping us train our golden retriever. We have noticed a big change in his behavior from the time she first came to our last session. His manners are much improved and he even learned some new tricks! I would recommend Heather to anyone who is trying to train their pet." ~ John and Alisa

"Heather has helped us gain insight into how to relate to our two dogs, Gandalf and Pepper, and be more effective in training them." ~ Rich and Stephanie

"Heather has been a great trainer, and our dog has come so far with her guidance. We highly recommend her to anyone!" ~ Angie K.

"I was beside myself of what to do. I never had to deal with the behaviors my new puppy displayed, so I called Heather. I employed the methods she taught me, and by her third visit, the bad behaviors were a distant memory. Thank you Heather!" ~ Diane

"[My puppy] Candy and I have learned a lot in our first few sessions, and the sessions were great! The best part is watching her learn and grow! I would definitely recommend Heather as a dog trainer to others!" ~ Brett

"As a first-time dog owner, I wanted the best for my dog, so I invested in some training sessions. Heather's advice was great and in-line with many other positive trainers out there. She even shared some tips I haven't heard anywhere else! Her insight and ability are amazing!" ~ Trevor

"It's good to know there are trainers out there like Heather who truly care about your dog's emotional state. True trust is the key to getting your dog to listen." ~ Amelia M.

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*The program content is currently only available in English.

By purchasing this program, you agree to the Dog Training Program Terms and Conditions as found on

Disclaimer: Results of the program are completely dependent on your commitment to the training taught in this program. If you follow all training instructions consistently, you will see results!