Learn About Pet Nutrition and Herbalism for Pets

Enriching the lives of pets is more than just training. Feeding a well-balanced diet can improve your pet's quality of life and behavior. Herbs can also have healing effects.

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Nutrition for Dogs and Cats

With more dogs and cats coming down with illnesses commonly associated with humans, it's more important than ever to feed our pets a natural healthy diet. Nowadays, that is getting harder to do. It takes an immense amount of time and energy to learn the ins-and-outs of pet nutrition, so why not hire a professional?

Pet Lover's Passion can help you:
    - Create a well-balanced, species-appropriate diet for your cat or dog
    - Heal Leaky Gut in your dog
    - Introduce probiotics, prebiotics and fermented foods into your dog's diet
    - Find and treat your dog's allergies
    - Understand the importance of enzymes and the principles of glandular therapy
    - Consider a healthy diet into your budget if bringing a new pet into your home
    - Understand pet food labels
    - Learn the benefits of feeding raw or
    - Feed a home-prepared cooked diet with raw fruits and vegetables to your dog
    - Learn about herbs for different purposes, such as natural flea and tick prevention
    - Learn the sources of major toxins and eliminate them
    ...the list goes on!

Disclaimer: Pet Lover's Passion does not claim to cure any disease. Veterinarian advice should be followed. Ultimately, the decision on the care given to a pet is completely up to the pet owner/pet parent. Pet Lover's Passion will not be held liable for misuse of nutrition advice or any undesireable outcome.

A Nutrition Consultation with Heather is like a seminar in your living room... or kitchen, for that matter!

Did you know that dogs are opportunistic carnivores and cats are obligate carnivores? This means that cats are strictly carnivores and dogs are hunter-scavengers, eating meat, grasses, vegetables, nuts, berries and even poop! (Gross, right?)

Giving our pets the best life that we can should be a priority. If not, then why have a pet? If they are confined to the indoors, how can they find their own food if we do not give it to them? They depend on us to provide for all their needs. Join the thousands of pet owners willing to take the next step today!

About Heather

Hello! I'm pleased to know that you're looking into better health and wellness for your pet!
This topic has had a special place in my heart for many years and I'm thrilled to share my knowledge with Pet Lovers like you!
​In 2017, I completed Animal Behavior College's Pet Nutrition and Diet Course. In search for more knowledge, I've recently completed Dogs Naturally University's Acute Canine Herbalism Specialist and Raw Feeding courses. I've attended many seminars and webinars including Raw Roundup 2019 and 2020 by Dog's Naturally Magazine.

To learn more about me, visit the about page.

Your pet's diet, massage and training go hand-in-hand to improve your pet's life and overall health! If you'd like to learn more, check out the Pet Massage page.

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Pet Nutrition Education Prices

The trainer is located around the Central PA area.

$30 per hour for 15 miles or less from the trainer.
$35 per hour for 16 to 25 miles
$40 per hour for 26 to 30 miles
​$50 per hour for 31 to 35 miles​
$60 per hour for 36 to 40 miles
$70 per hour for 41 to 45 miles
$80 per hour for 46 to 50 miles (add a $1.20 fee per additional mile thereafter)

*Add a 3% fee for online/credit card payments. No additional fee for cash or check.

*Nutrition consultations and sessions are all the same. The trainer will share her knowledge on nutrition and give recommendations pertaining to your pet's needs. The way you put that knowledge to use with your own pet is at your discretion. Trainer's advice does not replace the advice of your veterinarian, and Trainer will not be held liable for failure of remedies or misuse of information by Client.

Note: All pricing is based on the distance (in miles) that the trainer must drive to you. Trainer will name your price once she knows where you are located. All in-home training prices are based per hour. Seniors* over 65 years of age receive 5% off the hourly rate**.
*Driver's License or other ID is required in order to apply senior discount.
**Senior Discount is not available for online consultations/sessions; in-home training only.

Please Note: All prices are subject to change without notice. Updated June 2021.

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