PLP Neighbor's Program

Pet Lover's Passion Neighbor's Program

The Pet Lover's Passion Neighbor's Program is a great way to save money on pet training services!
Here's how it works:
The hourly rate is based on how far the trainer must travel to your home. If you partner up with someone who lives within 3 miles of you and schedules within a half hour of your in-home training session, you each get 25% OFF the normal hourly rate! All you have to do is find a "neighbor" who would be willing to schedule an in-home training session the same day as you, within a half hour of each other.
For example: The trainer tells you the rate (based on distance) is $30 an hour. You have a friend who lives within 3 miles whose dog also needs trained. You schedule your training session from 1 to 2pm and your neighbor agrees to schedule theirs at 2:30pm, so now you each have an hourly rate of $22.50!
* The above pricing is only an example and may differ from the rate the trainer gives you.

Additional Details:
The PLP Neighbor's Program applies to dog and cat in-home training and massage services, but does not apply to online sessions.

If one of the "neighbors" cancels (last-minute or in advance) the remaining "neighbor" must pay the regular rate for their own session.

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