Pet Massage Services

Enriching the lives of pets is more than just training. Massage can help relieve stress and muscle tension, thereby improving your pet's quality of life and behavior.

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Animal Massage Services

Dogs and cats are eligible to enjoy this service performed right in the comfort of their own home.

Massage can benefit your pet by:

  • Releasing Stress
  • Promoting relaxation and calming
  • Increasing blood flow to vital organs
  • Increasing metabolism and peristaltic (intestinal) activity
  • Release of histamine (an organic nitrogenous compound involved in local immune responses as well as regulating physiological function in the gut and acting as a neurotransmitter)
  • Stimulating the central nervous system and endocrine system
  • Increasing emotional bond and trust with humans
  • Lessening pain and pain response (limited movement, limited emotional/physical release, anxiety, fear or aggression)
  • Healing a physical injury by breakdown of scar tissue and lessening of contracture

Pet Massage goes hand-in-hand with diet and exercise for a healthy lifestyle, so feel free to check out the Pet Nutrition page.

About Heather

Pet Massage is a wonderful way to bond with your dog or cat. I will gladly preform the first few sessions with your pet, and then teach you how to massage so you can build that special trust between the two of you!
​​In 2016, I completed Animal Behavior College's Pet Massage Course. In search for more knowledge, I've recently completed Dogs Naturally Magazine's Acute Canine Herbalism Specialist Course. Herbs can have such wonderful effects on dogs, and you can opt in or out of using them during a massage session for your pet.

To learn more about me, visit the about page.

What to Expect During Your Pet's Massage Session

Animals are amazing when it comes to healing: they know just what they need! Once you make it clear to them that you want to help them, they open up and tell you where it hurts. It brings me so much joy to see an animal release their tension and worries, which is why I love massage!

If you have a fearful dog, the initial greeting may take a longer. Massage is much needed with these dogs, because it helps to build trust and ease their anxiety.

As mentioned above, animals know what they need in order to be healed. The first session will just be greetings and introduction to light massage. In the next session, I will bring calming music and some essential oils of which your pet will choose (once you see it, you will be truly amazed!).

How to Prepare for a Massage Session

Pet Lover's Passion asks that you free the environment from any major distractions, such as running kids, television, scheduled deliveries and visitors. The reason for reducing distractions is so your pet gets the most enjoyment out of their massage.

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Pet Massage Prices

The trainer is located around the Central PA area.
$40 per hour for 25 miles or less from the trainer
For more than 25 miles, add $1.00 per additional mile to the hourly rate.

*Add a 3% fee for online/credit card payments. No additional fee for cash or check.

* Please Note: Pet Lover's Passion will not provide massage services to animals who are vicious or who do not like strangers. It is advised that pet owners seek Behavior Modification training services for these animals first and, if the behavior improves, massage services can be considered.

Note: All pricing is based on the distance (in miles) that the trainer must drive to you. Trainer will name your price once she knows where you are located. All in-home training prices are based per hour.

Please Note: All prices are subject to change without notice. Updated February 2022.

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Whatever your training needs are, Pet Lover's Passion is ready to lend a helping hand!

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