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Cat Training Services

Do you play with your cat? Cats are highly intelligent and trainable, so why not train them as much as we train our dogs? Cats need as much physical and mental stimulation as dogs or any other animal. Enrich your cat's life, and have great fun doing so by scheduling a session with Pet Lover's Passion! Add a lot more pizzazz to your everyday life by spending more time with your cat! Whether your cat is laid-back or high-strung, old or young, he or she can be trained!

Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification is changing the way your cat feels about something - whether they are afraid of the vacuum cleaner, guests, going into their crate, or being brushed, learn ways to help your cat feel more comfortable in these situations.

Behaviors classified under "behavior modification" include: marking in the house, excessive attention-getting behaviors, separation anxiety, fears or phobias, aggression, etc.

Problem Solving/Litter Training

Cat owners are often faced with nuisance behaviors that they need to find solutions to. Such behaviors can include: scratching, urinating or defecating in the house, counter-surfing, stealing, biting, door-dashing, and more.

Leash Training

Cats can be leash trained and it's very beneficial to their health and well-being to go outside for walks!

See what you can do to possibly make this a reality for your kitty.

Agility/Stunt/Trick Training

Cats can learn the same tricks that a dog can, they just learn in a different way. Find out how to effectively communicate with your cat and unlock their great potential!

Just imagine what your friends will say when they see how talented your feline is!

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Pet Lover's Passion can help you:

  • understand feline language and why your cat does the things he or she does
  • introduce a new cat into your home
  • litter train or teach your cat to use the toilet
  • teach tricks
  • harness train
  • do the best we can to help your cat feel more comfortable with strangers
  • problem solve: "why does my cat scratch the furniture?" "My cat gets in the trash can and counter-surfs"
  • design an enclosed outdoor "cat patio" for your indoor cat
  • learn about nutrition for your feline
  • learn basic animal massage techniques
  • most importantly: build trust
  • and so much more!



"My two newest cats were not getting along with my older female. When I heard about a cat trainer in my area, I had to reach out! Heather gave me tangible methods of easing the tension between the cats and now my older cat feels more peace around the newcomers. I would highly recommend her services."

Trainer comment: Thank you, I'm glad I could help!

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What to Expect from an In-Home Training Session

Learn what to expect from an in-home training session and see Answers to Frequently Asked QuestionsView prices inside the Training Services Terms and Conditions.

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