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Professional Dog Training That Works!

dogs training Mar 29, 2023

Professional Dog Training That Works!

"Learn why Heather is the last dog trainer you'll ever need - her methods work!"

Need professional dog training?

My name is Heather Smith, and I am a professional dog trainer and behaviorist.
I help dog owners go from exhausted by their dog’s crazy behavior to finding clarity on the right training methods that get results so they can enjoy a peaceful life with their calm companion.

If this describes you and your goals, we may just be a perfect fit for each other! I would be delighted to help you achieve the peace and harmony your household longs for!

I help solve problems including housetraining, counter-surfing, jumping on people, barking, digging, reactivity and leash-pulling, growling, chewing, begging and stealing, getting along...

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Mentally Stimulating Dog Toys

dogs pet products training Jul 04, 2022

Interactive dog toys are a great way to get your dog's energy out via mental stimulation!

The makers of these toys can get very creative! I would like to share some of my favorites in this post :)

First, I'll start with the one that my dog currently has and then I'll show you what's on my "wish list", my top picks.

The "Dog Casino" by Outward Hound Nina Ottosson is an advanced-level dog puzzle toy for very inventive dogs. My dog still hasn't quite mastered it, but it's fun to watch him try to figure it out for 20 minutes :)

Next up, we have a puzzle with sliding pieces that treats hide under. This one looks like it would be easier than the first puzzle I recommended. What I love about it is the pieces are not removable, so there is less chance of dogs chewing and swallowing the pieces....

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The Best Dog Harnesses to Stop Pulling - How to Make Walking Your Dog Easier

dogs pet products training Jun 22, 2022

Subjects: best dog harnesses to stop pulling - how to make walking your dog easier - stop dog pulling on leash - no pull dog harness - no pull harnesses

Selecting a harness for your dog is a very important part of your leash training! It can aid in making walks easier until your dog is fully trained not to pull at all.

I find that many people buy harnesses that clip on the back and wonder why their dog's pulling got worse after starting to use the harness. The answer: the opposition reflex.

When something pushes against your chest, you're inclined to lean forward, right? It is the same for your dog. They find comfort in leaning into it, which can make them pull harder!

Head Halters are another option, but they take a long acclimation period to get your dog accustomed to wearing...

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How Do You Get a Dog to Listen to You?

announcements dogs training May 26, 2022

Do You Long for Peace and Quiet?

You know how frustrating living with a dog that chews can be. Or a dog that pulls so hard, you think your arm is going to come off. Or maybe your dog is the kind that won't stop barking until he's had the last word.

Many pet parents find themselves shouting commands that seem to go unheard. Is your dog ignoring you?

If you can relate to any of these things, I have good news!

It doesn't have to be this way anymore.


I've listened to my clients over the years, and I've helped many dogs. What I found was a disconnect between people and their dogs. Some dogs simply didn't respect their people at all.

What I noticed was that no matter what behavior issue I was called there to solve, I gave the same advice - over and over - and it worked every time!...

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How to Stop a Dog from Chewing Furniture

Read Time: 8 minutes

If you're on this page, you already know how destructive chewing can be - it's frustrating!

The combination of management and proper training (which gets to the root of the problem) are your keys to success in eliminating this behavior.

I'm going to tackle those exact subjects as briefly as possible for you in this post, because I know how valuable your time is to you. You want answers - now!

So without further ado:

The first thing I tell my clients at the first training session is: you have to correct the relationship between you and your dog (and between your dogs, if you have multiple). You have to set rules in place that are based in fairness and set the calm tone you want for your household.

This isn't about authoritarianism, but rather celebrating...

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Are You on Talking Terms with Your Dog?

dogs resources training Feb 07, 2022

Hi, I'm Heather Smith! I've been training dogs professionally since 2015. I help my clients by looking deep into the behaviors of dogs to find the root causes of certain behaviors. This is the job of a behaviorist (think of a behaviorist as a detective of the dog world).

Most often, I notice that people just don't know how to read a dog's body language, which can worsen and even cause undesired behaviors. When people learn to read and communicate with dogs effectively, beautiful things happen!

The dogs feel more loved and understood, and the people feel less frustrated because the communication barrier has been removed! Are you ready to understand your dog better?

I find myself recommending a book titled "On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals" by Turid Rugaas to most of my...

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Did you know Pet Lover's Passion offers a membership?

I am excited to announce the release of Pet Lover's Passion Membership!

This is a dog training and cat training membership community for all pet owners who want to strengthen their relationship with their pets while working on problem-solving behaviors and teaching tricks and sports.

Inside, you can gain access to member-exclusive monthly Q&A sessions, and special blog posts. Join a like-minded community of pet lovers and be inspired to make the most out of life with your dogs and cats - we're in this together!

With your membership, you can:

- Ask your training questions in a monthly Live Q&A and listen to past recordings

- Access a library of Pet Lover's Passion content from all platforms

- Participate in surveys to shape the future content of Pet Lover's Passion

- Access...

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Feel like you’re struggling with training your dog to behave?

announcements dogs training Sep 02, 2021

I’m looking to interview dog owners (purely for my own research) to help me build a new program I’m working on. It would mean the world to me if we could hop on a quick call and I could ask you a few questions. OR if you know of someone who fits this description, please encourage them to get on my schedule to book a call. Book in for a call here: https://calendly.com/petloverspassion/call or fill out an online survey.

The deadline for participating in this interview is October 22nd.

Share this post with your friends! https://www.petloverspassion.com/blog/interview 

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Difference Between Dog Trainer and Behaviorist

cats dogs training Feb 11, 2021

The Difference Between a Dog Trainer and a Behaviorist

Not all trainers can also call themselves behaviorists. The difference between the two is: trainers have knowledge and experience in different training methods, while behaviorists have deep insight into the thought patterns of animals (or humans) and are adept at discovering the root causes of behaviors.

For example: Trainers often teach tricks, sports, train service animals, and solve common nuisance behaviors, while behaviorists are called in to deal with aggression cases, severe anxiety issues, reverse negative associations, and most importantly: get to the root causes of behaviors and figure out ways to solve them.

Over my years of experience, I can say with confidence that I am both a trainer and behaviorist.

This is why my...

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How to Teach a Dog to Pose Perfectly for Pictures - Poses with Dogs

dogs holidays training Jan 12, 2021

See how I got my dog to sit at a candlelit dinner with me and get some great ideas for your own doggy photo shoot. National Dress up Your Pet Day is January 14th 2021. Dog photography is a great bonding experience for you and your dog!

I had a lot of fun taking all of these pictures with my dog, Jasper! He looks so cute in a tie, does he not? Drop by on YouTube and give my video a "like" - it really helps me out a lot. Thank you!

Do NOT light a candle in front of your dog. This dog is highly trained for this trick.

 Enjoy, and remember to create lasting memories every day!

♥ Heather

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