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Professional Dog Training That Works!

dogs training Mar 29, 2023

Professional Dog Training That Works!

"Learn why Heather is the last dog trainer you'll ever need - her methods work!"

Need professional dog training?

My name is Heather Smith, and I am a professional dog trainer and behaviorist.
I help dog owners go from exhausted by their dog’s crazy behavior to finding clarity on the right training methods that get results so they can enjoy a peaceful life with their calm companion.

If this describes you and your goals, we may just be a perfect fit for each other! I would be delighted to help you achieve the peace and harmony your household longs for!

I help solve problems including housetraining, counter-surfing, jumping on people, barking, digging, reactivity and leash-pulling, growling, chewing, begging and stealing, getting along...

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

holidays Mar 17, 2023

May your day be cheery, with a strike of LUCK!

♥ Heather

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Happy Birthday Rosie! To the dog who started it all...

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2022

Remembering Rosie on her Birthday ♥

Rosie was my very first dog, and one of my best animal friends!
It was Rosie who inspired me to become a dog trainer by showing me the amazing potential that all animals have, if we just believe in them and show them how.
This is one of my favorite pictures of her. ♥
Read more about her on my dedications page, https://www.petloverspassion.com/dedications

I Love you Rosie, and miss you! ♥ Heather

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Thanksgiving Blessings

holidays Nov 24, 2022

When you stop to think about all of the things you're thankful for in your life, you realize how blessed you really are!

Gratitude is something we should all practice every day. It puts our minds and hearts in the right place to give and receive more blessings - it multiplies goodness in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

Our animals are thankful for the kind things we do for them, too! Many people are surprised to hear that animals feel the same emotions that we do, but it's true: they do!

So practice focused intentional thought and thank God above for all the blessings you have been given. I know my list runs for miles, even though I don't have much.

I'll tell you one thing on my list: you. I may never have met you, but if you're reading this, my words were worth...

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Don't Dress Up Your Pets

cats dogs holidays Oct 24, 2022

With Halloween fast approaching, people find it hard to resist dressing up their pets - whether the animal is ok with it or not!

While it seems cute and all in good fun, please stop to consider the emotional well-being of the animal. Some dogs are ok with being dressed up, while most cats are not.

Just like a head halter or harness, you must acclimate your pet to the feeling of wearing a costume.

Sadly, uninformed pet parents may take their dogs out on the streets while wearing an embarrassing costume; this can lead to dog fights and bites!

It is vital that people understand the signals our pets give us - they are constantly trying to communicate with us via body language. Please take a look at my previous post about understanding dog body language.

Take a look at this photo of Jasper,...

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Dog Trainer Entrepreneur Gets Featured in Subkit Article

announcements Oct 21, 2022

Just a few days ago, I was featured in an article on Subkit! Check it out and feel free to share!


♥ Heather Smith, ABCDT

Founder of Pet Lover's Passion

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Mentally Stimulating Dog Toys

dogs pet products training Jul 04, 2022

Interactive dog toys are a great way to get your dog's energy out via mental stimulation!

The makers of these toys can get very creative! I would like to share some of my favorites in this post :)

First, I'll start with the one that my dog currently has and then I'll show you what's on my "wish list", my top picks.

The "Dog Casino" by Outward Hound Nina Ottosson is an advanced-level dog puzzle toy for very inventive dogs. My dog still hasn't quite mastered it, but it's fun to watch him try to figure it out for 20 minutes :)

Next up, we have a puzzle with sliding pieces that treats hide under. This one looks like it would be easier than the first puzzle I recommended. What I love about it is the pieces are not removable, so there is less chance of dogs chewing and swallowing the pieces....

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Calming Treats for Dogs

Many of my clients have asked me what else can be done to help their anxious dogs calm down. For some dogs that genuinely have separation anxiety, I recommend calming treats. These treats have herbals and vitamins that help dogs get out of a sympathetic state (fight or flight mode, adrenaline). When in a parasympathetic state (calm, relaxed, logical), dogs can learn faster. I go in depth with this in my upcoming webinars, which you can sign up for from the homepage of this site. For the purposes of this post, I am only going to talk about which treats I have experience with and find effective.

Premium Care Calming Chews for Dogs are very effective at helping dogs achieve a calm state. (Of course, there are many techniques I use to calm a dog, but we're just focusing on treats...

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Cost Effective Potty Pads for Dogs

dogs pet products Jul 04, 2022

Puppy pads are an excellent training tool! Did you know that dogs can be trained to use them as an alternative to peeing outside? I believe dogs should spend as much time outside as possible, but sometimes there are instances where you can't get your dog outside; in which case, having them pad-trained would be ideal.

If you already have your dog pad trained, you may wonder if there's a cost-effective option, as the cost of disposable pads can add up.

I searched Amazon for the best-priced potty pads, and I found this one attractive because of the variety of sizes to choose from. I cost per count is also very reasonable, compared to other brands.


Another option, which is much more environmentally-friendly for daily use, is a synthetic grass patch for indoor use....

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The Best Dog Harnesses to Stop Pulling - How to Make Walking Your Dog Easier

dogs pet products training Jun 22, 2022

Subjects: best dog harnesses to stop pulling - how to make walking your dog easier - stop dog pulling on leash - no pull dog harness - no pull harnesses

Selecting a harness for your dog is a very important part of your leash training! It can aid in making walks easier until your dog is fully trained not to pull at all.

I find that many people buy harnesses that clip on the back and wonder why their dog's pulling got worse after starting to use the harness. The answer: the opposition reflex.

When something pushes against your chest, you're inclined to lean forward, right? It is the same for your dog. They find comfort in leaning into it, which can make them pull harder!

Head Halters are another option, but they take a long acclimation period to get your dog accustomed to wearing...

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