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Will 2021 Be Better or Worse?

holidays Dec 31, 2020

Are you feeling anything less than optimistic? Then I have some words to pick you up :)

2019 was far from great. I told myself “2020 will be my best year yet!” with much enthusiasm. Well… as far as events go, this hasn’t been a great year, but for my self-development and healing – it has! I’ve learned so much about myself and others. I’ve met some true, TRUE, friends – the kind I’ve always dreamed of.

2020 may not have been my “best year yet”, but it has been the best year I’ve had in a while (and the best is yet to come!). That should be our goal for every year that follows – to be our best year yet! You see, it’s not about what happens in the world around us that determines whether we have a good year, a good month, or a good day; it’s the improvements we make and the outlook we hold inside.

It’s your choice.

Yes, there are some horrifying things going on in the world right now – no doubt – but that doesn’t mean we have to cower in fear and uncertainty. What is certain is the Living Hope we carry in our hearts. No matter what happens, no one can steal the Joy we have inside – no matter what. (This Joy and Hope I speak of is Jesus Christ.)

Make it a point in 2021 to connect more, share more, live more, LOVE more! And I don’t mean on social media. Find creative ways to be a blessing in someone else’s life. Be present. Lend an understanding ear. Forgive people. Breathe and just live life to the fullest!

Yes, my friends, the power to change the world lies in our hands, one decision, one act of kindness at a time. We have the power to make 2021 better, even if it only gets better in our little corner of the world. And having a positive, loving outlook is NOT the same as putting our heads in the sand and ignoring the problem. It’s simply seeing an issue plainly for what it is and thinking “what can I learn from this?” “how can I make this better next time?”. I always look for the blessing or lesson in something, and after I find it, I wouldn’t trade my new-found knowledge for the world!

So if you haven’t already, look back on 2020 and ponder all these things. Then write down some goals for 2021- any and all goals for every part of your life (personal/lifestyle goals, financial goals, relationships, business/work goals, pet training goals, etc.) Every few months, look at your goal sheet – I can tell you from experience your goals will change, and that’s ok! That’s the beauty of self-development: our goals and outlooks change (for the better, if we’re doing it right). We should strengthen our ethical values, not let them backslide.

So will 2021 be better or worse? – The answer is up to you!

As a dog trainer, I must tell you to apply this to life with your pets as well. Play more! Snuggle more! Learn more together!

Wishing you, your family, and your pets the best year yet!

Heather ♥


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