I help confused dog owners go from exhausted by their dog’s crazy behavior to finding clarity on the right training methods that get results so they can enjoy the calm companion they’ve always dreamed of. Find out how!
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I am upgrading my website!

announcements Jul 17, 2020

Hello Pet Lovers,


Welcome to my new Kajabi® website! I am excited to have made this upgrade from my Weebly® site, because Kajabi® has so many more features! They have a great Help page with step-by-step instructions and videos and Live Q&As every week to help with specialized questions. Their email service is amazing with so many customizable features to grow your email subscription list. The most valuable feature for me is the ability to design and sell online courses! This is what drove me to give Kajabi® a try. And as you can tell... I love it!

If you're interested in starting a website using Kajabi®, you can get a 28-day free trial of Kajabi® when you use my link to give it a try ;) I highly recommend their web-hosting service, as it has so many features and a great customer service team - I love it! Follow this link to claim your 28-day free trial of their Basic plan: https://app.kajabi.com/r/c2LV3u93/t/kbvgrtfm 


Click the link below to compare Kajabi's® Basic, Growth and Pro plans along with a 14-day free trial!


I am not an employee or representative of Kajabi, LLC. I am an independent
Kajabi Partner and I receive referral payments from Kajabi in this role. All
opinions expressed herein are my own and are not official statements of
Kajabi or any party affiliated with Kajabi.


I look forward to building a great community of pet lovers within my blog! I won't be publishing blog posts regularly for a couple of months, as I am busy doing a lot of work behind the scenes, but awesome content is coming! ;)


Please consider signing up to my emailing list so you will be the first to know about new product launches (such as my new Well-Rounded Puppy Masterclass, coming soon) and stay up-to-date on my YouTube content and blog posts. Simply click on the "Email Subscription" button at the top of my website to join the emailing list!

Also be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel by following this link and clicking the red "Subscribe" button: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvvxVhafRu37BTHzNDua5vA


Thank you for visiting my website today, and remember to do something fun with your furry friends!


   ♥ Heather


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