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Is D.E. Safe To Give Dogs Internally?

Diatomaceous Earth, a fine white powder sourced from fossils, has many uses including flea and tick prevention, use in parasite cleanses, is a great skin exfoliant, can be used to brush teeth, is a great source of calcium and minerals, is a desiccant (keeps things dry), deodorizer, and can be used in the garden. While D.E. provides benefits for all of these uses, it must be used with caution. Let's dive deeper...

D.E. is comprised of ancient fossilized aquatic organisms that are ground up into micro-sized particles. These particles are very sharp and have jagged edges. This is why it works so well at lacerating the bodies of both internal and external parasites. For obvious reasons, we don't want to get this into our lungs. Extreme caution must be used when handling D.E., especially when massaging it into our dogs' fur as a flea and tick preventative. The fine, dry powder easily gets into the air.

So what are the benefits of consuming Diatomaceous Earth? The fine particles shred parasites, thereby causing their death and allowing the body to rid itself of them. Herein is where the problem lies; if D.E. shreds the parasites, it can also shred cellular tissue. If D.E. were to get into the blood stream, it would damage the vessels and veins.

So how would the D.E. get from the digestive tract to the circulatory system, you ask?

By something called Leaky Gut. Leaky gut is a condition where tiny holes in the gut lining allow undigested food and pathogens into the blood stream. It is caused by a poor diet (toxins, heavy metals, plastics, chemicals, processed food, foods that contain lectins, etc.) Science has shown that "all disease begins in the gut", therefore leaky gut can cause a host of health issues, but more on this in another article...

The main concern I want to address here is that by feeding your dog D.E., you would be doing far more harm than good if he/she has leaky gut - and most dogs do if they're on a diet of processed food. While I'm not against feeding D.E. internally to healthy dogs, the majority of dogs out there have intestinal issues that would allow D.E. into the blood stream and cause damage. How do you know if your dog has these issues? Well, if they're fed a conventional processed diet, they almost certainly have leaky gut.

So to summarize, I do not recommend feeding Diatomaceous Earth to dogs. If you're looking for a natural solution to internal parasites, I would recommend researching herbal remedies.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as veterinary or medical advice. I encourage you to do more research if this topic interests you.


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