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How to Calm an Anxious Dog on Halloween Night

dogs holidays Oct 30, 2020

"(Doorbell) - Trick or Treat!" Your dog runs behind the sofa and barks, hackles raised... does this scene sound familiar?

How about Fido quivering under the bed?

If your dog has similar reactions to trick-or-treaters, I have some helpful advice. Let's dig in:

  • Give your dog calming supplements starting a few days prior to Halloween.
  • Give your dog plenty of exercise the day prior and the day of the festivities. This will release any pent-up anxiety and help your dog be more calm when the trick-or-treaters come out.
  • Make sure your dog's collar and tags are on well before the festivities, in the event he or she were to escape the house.
  • Give your dog at least two durable, food-filled toys to chew on to keep her mind off of all else once the festivities begin.
  • Close your dog into a puppy-proofed room to ensure she feels safe, give her privacy, muffle the sounds outside, and keep her from escaping or biting someone.
  • You may even want to crate your dog if they tend to get really wild with anxiety.
  • Play calming music softly in the room your dog is in.


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Dog Safety:

  • Never give your dog any sort of candy, especially chocolate.
  • Keep all candy out of reach and pet-proof your trash cans.
  • Never pet a stranger's dog without asking.

Happy Trick-or-Treating!


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