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How Do You Get a Dog to Listen to You?

announcements dogs training May 26, 2022

Do You Long for Peace and Quiet?

You know how frustrating living with a dog that chews can be. Or a dog that pulls so hard, you think your arm is going to come off. Or maybe your dog is the kind that won't stop barking until he's had the last word.

Many pet parents find themselves shouting commands that seem to go unheard. Is your dog ignoring you?

If you can relate to any of these things, I have good news!

It doesn't have to be this way anymore.


I've listened to my clients over the years, and I've helped many dogs. What I found was a disconnect between people and their dogs. Some dogs simply didn't respect their people at all.

What I noticed was that no matter what behavior issue I was called there to solve, I gave the same advice - over and over - and it worked every time!

I decided to put my advice into an online program so that I could reach more people, so I created The Good Dog, Happy Life Blueprint!


If you thought that dog training online was impossible, think again!

I found that I don't actually need to be present in order to train a dog, because most of the training and advice is for the people who live with the dogs!


Nurturing a proper relationship with your dog is the key to success in having a dog who listens to you and thereby eliminating undesirable behaviors.

That's exactly what I teach - how to correct that relationship and foster unbreakable bonds of love and trust.


The success of my clients is important to me, which is why there are live coaching calls within the program!

You won't simply be buying an online video course; you'll also be getting live group coaching calls (a $300+ value) where you can get your questions answered, access to a membership community, video and audio lessons, downloadable and printable guides and worksheets, and best of all: lifetime access for a one-time payment!


Right now, my program is heavily discounted as a welcome gift to the first 20 Founding Members, or until June 12th, whichever comes first.

This is your opportunity to get dog training advice of high value for a fraction of the price!


The best part about it is: if you're unsure about buying, have questions or want more information, you can schedule a call with me to discuss it - for free!

Simply visit the checkout page to learn more about becoming a member of the program, or visit https://calendly.com/petloverspassion/discovery-call to schedule a call with me.


I look forward to passing on my expertise to you inside the program!


Best wishes,

Heather Smith, ABCDT & Founder of Pet Lover's Passion


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