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Help for Dogs with Allergies

It's no fun for you or your dog when dealing with allergies.

You try changing their food, special shampoos, creams... some people even turn to medication, which usually makes the problem worse!

How? Certain medications can be harsh on your pet's immune system and/or allow for yeast take-overs.

In order to relieve symptoms for good, we must eliminate the cause. This leads us down the rabbit hole of diet and nutrition. Oh I've been down that rabbit hole - for over 15 years! Let me tell you: it's definitely worth it to solve the root cause of the problem - which, without fail - is always food. However, doing all that research takes time, dedication, and LOTS of reading!

I want to point you in the right direction and give you a quick fix today, but beware: putting a bandage on the problem does not fix the problem.

Without further ado, let's get to the quick-fix first, because your poor pup is scratching away!

There are these treats I bought from Amazon that have really helped my pup. His belly is less pink and he is scratching less - hardly at all. I turned to this quick fix, because I could not afford to let his bag of dog food go to waste. I've tried so many dog foods, but the thing that helps him most is when I put him on a raw diet...

Right - the treats! Here are the exact treats I bought for him that have helped: 

(This is an affiliate link, which means I get a small percentage from referring this sale. Thank you for using my link! There is no additional cost to you!)

I get them on auto-ship, which may not be a bad idea for you, since you save 10%.

So what makes these treats so effective? One key ingredient is colostrum. Colostrum has been known to speed wound healing, skin growth and cellular repair. It also has antibacterial properties to help prevent or recover from infections. If your dog has been scratching, his or her skin is likely irritated and needs this.


Alright, now it's time to get to the root of the problem: you need to fix their diet.

Look, I'm not going to re-invent the wheel when there is a perfectly good website with all of the great dog nutrition information. I am in no way affiliated with Dogs Naturally Magazine (not yet, anyway), but they are undoubtedly the best when it comes to the topic of nutrition and raw diets. This article in particular you may find helpful: https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/allergies-food-energetics/.

Also keep in mind that your dog's so-called allergies could actually be a yeast infection. DNM also has articles on yeast and how to eliminate overgrowth.

What can I say? I'm in love with their great information!

At the very least, I hope you found this article helpful today. Feel free to share it with friends!

With Love,

Heather Smith, ABCDT


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