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Don't Dress Up Your Pets

cats dogs holidays Oct 24, 2022

With Halloween fast approaching, people find it hard to resist dressing up their pets - whether the animal is ok with it or not!

While it seems cute and all in good fun, please stop to consider the emotional well-being of the animal. Some dogs are ok with being dressed up, while most cats are not.

Just like a head halter or harness, you must acclimate your pet to the feeling of wearing a costume.

Sadly, uninformed pet parents may take their dogs out on the streets while wearing an embarrassing costume; this can lead to dog fights and bites!

It is vital that people understand the signals our pets give us - they are constantly trying to communicate with us via body language. Please take a look at my previous post about understanding dog body language.

Take a look at this photo of Jasper, my sweet dog. Does he look happy about wearing that thing on his head? No, I would say he looks humiliated.

I only had the head bandana on long enough to take this picture and prove this point: that animals are precious creatures with the same ability to feel emotions just as we do.

Dressing up for a photo shoot with lots of praise and treats involved is admirable, however, walking your dog in public with a silly costume that they are embarrassed to wear is distasteful. Read my previous post from a while back about Dressing Up Pets. I mention degradation of your dog's confidence and in summary: pets should be conditioned to accept wearing costumes, and never forced.



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