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Cost Effective Potty Pads for Dogs

dogs pet products Jul 04, 2022

Puppy pads are an excellent training tool! Did you know that dogs can be trained to use them as an alternative to peeing outside? I believe dogs should spend as much time outside as possible, but sometimes there are instances where you can't get your dog outside; in which case, having them pad-trained would be ideal.

If you already have your dog pad trained, you may wonder if there's a cost-effective option, as the cost of disposable pads can add up.

I searched Amazon for the best-priced potty pads, and I found this one attractive because of the variety of sizes to choose from. I cost per count is also very reasonable, compared to other brands.


Another option, which is much more environmentally-friendly for daily use, is a synthetic grass patch for indoor use. Artificial grass patches like this one are reusable and supposedly easy to clean (I haven't personally purchased one).

The grass patch measures 39 by 31 inches, which is almost a square yard, making it suitable for large dogs. It is easy to clean by taking it outside and rinsing it with a hose. It can then be sun-dried and, in case you didn't know, the sun has disinfecting properties!

However, there are some concerning reviews regarding the quality of this grass patch. I also wonder where the pee drains to. I don't see a catch tray, nor could I find an answer as to how the urine is kept from draining onto the floor.

So I looked for other options, something that clearly comes with a tray. This one looks promising, but costs a bit more. Different sizes are available.

However, many people in the reviews mentioned that their dogs or puppies would chew on the mat as a toy, and they had to train their dog not to do that. It's just something to consider before purchasing this product. Most peoples' dogs had no trouble peeing on the grass mat, as dogs naturally seek out such surfaces to wee on.


I hope you found this post helpful!

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~ Heather Smith, ABCDT

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