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This dog training program is application only.

Pet Lover's Passion is very serious about the success of our clients. We want to make sure every member of this program is successful at achieving the transformation they paid for. That is why we are very choosy about who we let into the program. You see, we can only give you the steps to achieving your dog training and lifestyle goals. This dog training program works. YOU must put the work in to see the results. If you are ready to take action and follow the steps, then you may be a good fit!

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Question 1 of 7

What are your biggest dog training frustrations, struggles, and training hurdles?

Question 2 of 7

What sort of investments have you made to solve these problems? 

a; i.e. books, workshops, courses, conferences, training equipment 

b; How much time and money do you think you've invested in trying to solve this problem up until now?

Question 3 of 7

Are you frustrated with your current situation with your dog and long for a calm, well-behaved dog?

Question 4 of 7

Are you willing to follow all the steps in the program, stay committed, and work hard to achieve your goals?

Question 5 of 7

What would you be willing to invest for your dream program?

Question 6 of 7

Fill in the blanks for me - I want to go from _______ to _______ so that _______.

Question 7 of 7

What is your name, email address and phone number? (Be sure to include all three so we can contact you.)

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