Dog Owner Questionnaire

This survey will ask you questions about life with your dog to help trainer, Heather Smith, create a new course that gets dog owners the results they need for a well-behaved dog.

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Please set aside 15 to 30 minutes to fill out this survey. Thank you for your time!

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Question 1 of 16

What are your biggest dog training frustrations?

Question 2 of 16

What is your biggest fear about this problem not being resolved?

Question 3 of 16

Do you have any fears about hiring a dog trainer? If so, what are they?

Question 4 of 16

How have you searched for a solution for this on Google or YouTube? What keywords or phrases did you use?

Question 5 of 16

Which books have you read on this topic? (dog training/resolving a problem behavior)

Question 6 of 16

Have you bought any courses or classes on this topic? If so, which ones, how much were they and what were they missing?

Question 7 of 16

Who are your favorite people to follow on social media that talk about this topic?

Question 8 of 16

What other investments have you made to solve this problem? 

a; i.e. books, workshops, courses, conferences, training equipment 

b; How much do you think you've invested into trying to solve this problem up until now?

Question 9 of 16

What would life and business look like if you had a calm, well-behaved dog by your side?

Question 10 of 16

What does life and business look like in light of your current situation with your dog?

Question 11 of 16

What is the ONE thing you feel like you're missing about getting the well-behaved dog you long for?

Question 12 of 16

Is there anything you're really struggling with about dog training that you haven't mentioned?

Question 13 of 16

If you could wave a magic wand and create a dog training program that delivered everything you need, what would it include?

Question 14 of 16

What would you be willing to invest for your dream program?

Question 15 of 16

Fill in the blanks for me - I want to go from _______ to _______ so that _______.

Question 16 of 16

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