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The Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate

If you love our program, services and memberships and wish to share them with your community, you will be pleased to know that you can earn a portion of the profit! When you become an Affiliate of Pet Lover's Passion, you will have a personalized shareable link to track your sales! We offer fair commissions that make it worth your effort! Read on to learn more.

Attention! Limited Time!

Affiliates will earn 30% commission on Pet Lover's Passion's new online program, "The Good Dog, Happy Life Blueprint©", through June 12th, 2022! After that, affiliates will earn the regular rate of 10% commission.

How to Become an Affiliate

You may apply by filling out a short form: The Form will ask you to include your website URL, social media links, the size of your email list (if applicable), and anywhere else that you plan on sharing your affiliate links. All applicants are subject to approval. By becoming an affiliate of Pet Lover's Passion, you agree in full to the Terms and Conditions set forth below, as well as to the Terms and Privacy Policy of Please also review the Kajabi® website Terms of Use at and Privacy Policy which also govern use of this Site.

Pet Lover's Passion Affiliate Terms and Conditions


Upon being accepted into the PLP Affiliate Program, Affiliates will receive a welcome email containing the login link and their auto-generated password. Passwords can be customized by the Affiliate once they have logged in. Once logged in, Affiliates can copy their personalized sharing links and view their sales report. Announcements on upcoming promotions and new products will be sent to Affiliates' emails.


Advertising Requirements and Guidelines

Any time Affiliates advertise/recommend a product or service in exchange for commission, they must, by law, disclose that they receive a commission from the sale when someone makes a purchase using Affiliate's link. This disclaimer must be worded as (or similar to) quoted below, and be clearly visible in close proximity to the affiliate link.

"Disclaimer: I am a member of Pet Lover's Passion's affiliate program. This means that by purchasing this online training program using the link I provide, I receive a commission. There is no obligation for you to purchase this program via my link and there is no additional charge to you if you choose to purchase via my link. "

Affiliates may copy and paste this wording into their sales pitch or product recommendation, or write their own, similarly worded version. Affiliates may advertise Pet Lover's Passion’s signature program, memberships, or online training services on their blog posts, social media, to their email list, or by word-of-mouth followed by an email or text containing Affiliate's personal link and disclaimer. If sending emails or texts, make sure that your recommendation fits the flow of conversation and is appropriate.

(For example: someone tells you about their dog’s bad behavior, so you recommend the Good Dog, Happy Life Blueprint© to them and follow up with your link in a text or email, or direct them to a social media post you previously made that mentioned the program. Remember to include the disclaimer.)

Affiliates must present Pet Lover's Passion in a professional and positive manner and not generate spam. Statements or claims made by the Affiliate must be true and correct, not containing any false statements or guarantees. Affiliates agree to immediately remove any posts, videos, etc. that Pet Lover's Passion deems inappropriate. Affiliate understands that legal action can and will be taken against them if they do not immediately remove the content that Pet Lover’s Passion deems as inappropriate.

If Affiliate is unsure if their content is suitable, they may email a draft of their planned post to [email protected] for approval. Include in the subject line “Affiliate Approval Request”.


Commission Rate

Affiliates earn 10% per sale of The Good Dog, Happy Life Blueprint©; 5% per sale of Dog Lovers’ Membership, Cat Lovers’ Membership, and Online Pet Training Sessions; and 3% per sale of e-books, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing and signed by Pet Lover's Passion and the Affiliate.


Cookies and Share Links

Affiliates can access their unique share links when they log into the Affiliate Dashboard. Affiliate Share Links install a cookie onto prospective customer's browsers for 30 days or until the cache is cleared. Affiliate commission is calculated automatically based on the product sold.


Receiving Payments

Affiliates will receive payments through PayPal; therefore Affiliates must have a PayPal account. Earnings will be paid out at the end of each month, if there is a balance. Alternatively, Affiliates may request a mailed check at the end of each month. Requests may be sent directly to [email protected] (include in the subject line “Affiliate mailed check request”).


Affiliate Earnings Responsibility

Affiliates are required to report their earnings and pay income tax. Pet Lover's Passion does not withhold income tax for Affiliates. Pet Lover's Passion cannot and will not give tax advice; however, it is recommended that Affiliates reserve/set aside 20-30% of their earned commission for tax purposes. Affiliates are advised to keep a ledger of earnings to keep track.

For income tax advice, please contact a licensed tax professional.


Termination from the Program and Revision of these Terms

Affiliates who violate any of these Terms are subject to termination from the Affiliate program.

By becoming an Affiliate of Pet Lover's Passion, you fully agree to these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice for purposes of clarification or improvement. Affiliates are encouraged to visit this page regularly to view any changes to these Terms. If an Affiliate disagrees with any of the Terms and Conditions set forth in this Agreement, they may request to be removed from the PLP Affiliate Program by emailing [email protected].

This concludes the Pet Lover’s Passion Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

Revised 2-12-2022

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