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Heather Smith, Founder of Pet Lover's Passion

Heather Smith, Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer, is a behaviorist trainer who provides relationship-based dog training for pups of all ages, breeds, and personalities! Even training for cats too!

Hello! I am the Pet Lover and it is my Passion to help improve the bond between people and their animals!

Training animals is something that I truly enjoy! I have studied dog training on my own for over a decade, and graduated from Animal Behavior College's Dog Obedience Instructor Course in 2015, where I became certified in Pet CPR and First Aid. I have also completed the following programs provided by Animal Behavior College:

  • Training Shelter Dogs
  • The Art of Selling and Teaching Private Lessons
  • Feline Management and Training
  • Pet Massage
  • Pet Nutrition and Diet

I completed my externship for ABC at Central PA Humane Society, where I trained three sweet dogs, all Pitbulls, named Marley, Abbey & Ali. They all had very different personalities; Marley was a big sweetie and readily performed anything for treats, Abbey was afraid of people and I helped her gain confidence, and Ali (Ah-lee) was a stubborn boy who loved to pull - hard.

I am also an ABC Authorized Mentor Trainer, which means I train students of Animal Behavior College by bringing them to in-home sessions with me or training with them at a local shelter or rescue. I have mentored a couple of students so far, and I'm very proud of their achievements!

I am continually expanding my knowledge of dog and cat behavior as well as canine events, and have volunteered 100+ hours with the dogs at Centre County PAWS.

I have also had an interest in health and wellness for many years. My knowledge of herbs, vitamins, minerals and their effects and benefits to not only humans, but also dogs, cats and chickens has grown exponentially over the years. Why not provide healthy benefits to our pets as well? It is something I am truly passionate about! Visit the Pet Nutrition and Pet Massage pages to learn more about the services I offer.

In addition to the ABC Pet Massage and ABC Pet Nutrition and Diet courses listed above, I have completed Dogs Naturally University's Acute Canine Herbalism Specialist and Raw Feeding courses. I've attended many seminars and webinars including Raw Roundup 2019 and 2020, hosted by Dog's Naturally Magazine.

I've also attended Victoria Stilwell's Dog Behavior Conference of 2022.

I was a member of American Pet Professionals from December 2020 to April 2022 in an effort to expand my knowledge and reach in the pet industry. Joining APP was a great opportunity to connect with other pet professionals and share ideas. I would highly recommend Nancy Hassel's organization, APP, to anyone working in the pet industry!

You may have also seen my profile on Yelp, Pet Works, Breeder Fetch, and Bark (please do not contact me through bark.com). If you'd like to hire me as your trainer or contact me, visit https://www.petloverspassion.com/contact

On October 18th, 2022, I was featured in an article on Subkit Go Solo, a place for entrepreneurs to collaborate. Read it at https://gosolo.subkit.com/pet-lovers-passion/

As the name implies, I am passionate about training and caring for animals! I provide professional coaching and advice for pet owners, like you, and quality training for your furry friend.

I look forward to training with you!

♥ Heather Smith, ABCDT & Behaviorist 🐾

Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer 2015, Heather Smith, ABCDT
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Pet Lover's Passion is committed to improving the lives of pets everywhere through training! At PLP, we believe training should always be fun! Specializing in relationship based dog training, puppy training, cat training, dog behavior modification and problem solving, help for fearful dogs and separation anxiety, house training, obedience and trick training, and animal massage and nutrition for dogs and cats, including raw feeding. Please reach out with any questions you have ☺
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Training Technique

I love animals and seeing how peoples' faces light up when they see what their pet is capable of doing!
I use reward-based, positive reinforcement methods that create lasting results by allowing the animal to figure out what is desired of them. However, training isn't just about treats; it is about becoming a trustworthy, gentle pack leader whom your pets know they can count on. That is how true respect and cooperation is gained. This kind of training is humane, creates a pet who is always happy to see you, and increases response times to cues. An animal who trusts you will listen to you.
Remember: There is no limit to what you can teach your dog (or cat)! ♥

- Heather Smith, ABCDT

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