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Pet Lover's Passion

Where Training is Fun!

I specialize in helping people like you improve their training effectiveness through relationship-based behavioral dog training that focuses on natural dog behavior, delivering lasting results - fast! 

I work with all kinds of behavior issues, with dogs of all ages and all breeds. I also specialize in cat training. Your success is my priority.

~ Heather Smith, Trainer & Behaviorist

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Hire a professional dog trainer specializing in relationship based behavioral dog training, puppy training, separation anxiety in dogs, puppy potty training, dog obedience training, and the best online dog training program!

Training available anywhere in the United States, from the comfort of your own home!

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"Before Heather we had 2 over-reactive dogs that we dreaded taking on walks. Within 4 sessions our dogs are calmer around the house, on walks, and around other dogs. Heather is such a good observer of animal behavior…she was able to point out the details we were missing. She gave us effective homework between meetings and we now have more obedient dogs and a better relationship with them."

Wendy and Ben
5 Stars! Highly Recommend!

"Heather is very knowledgeable and was great with helping us train our golden retriever. We have noticed a big change in his behavior from the time she first came to our last session. His manners are much improved and he even learned some new tricks! I would recommend Heather to anyone who is trying to train their pet. -John and Alisa"

2015 Client Testimonial
5 Stars!

"Wow! What an affordable price! -Richard"

2016 Client Comment
Very Pleased!

"Heather has helped me (us) gain insight into how to relate to our two dogs, Gandalf and Pepper, and be more effective in training them. -Rich & Stephanie"

2016 Client Testimonial
5 Stars!

"Very helpful at giving familiar ideas on what would work for their pet. Really connects with our dog and the dog looks forward to her coming. Definitely have made progress from sessions."

5 Stars!

"Heather has been a great trainer, and our dog has come so far with her guidance. We highly recommend her to anyone!"

Angie K.
5 star review

"Last summer we welcomed the fifth golden retriever to our home in the last 20+ years. Each puppy, of course, has had its own personality. On the day the present puppy arrived, we discovered a few of his personality traits. The one that sticks out the most was that he was very frightened of noises. Whether it was a delivery truck or a motorcycle going by, he would run to safe places and hide. I knew we were going to need someone special to help provide the training he would require. After doing some research, I contacted Heather. She was the perfect choice for our new household addition! Calm, knowledgeable, patient, with some tricks up her sleeve, she recorded sessions and gave suggestions for overcoming our concerns. Her training sessions were always reasonable in length, well planned, and reasonably priced. I would be happy to recommend Heather to those who are searching for help working through puppy issues. We absolutely adore our very athletic one-year-old "puppy" who runs and plays ball daily and is still perfecting lessons from Heather."

I give her 5 stars!

"Where Training is Fun!"

Hi, my name is Heather! I believe there is much joy to be found in training animals, and some of my favorite things about it are when that light bulb goes off in an animal's head, and also when my clients realize their pet was capable of more than they'd imagined!

That does it for me! That right there is the passion that inspired me to create this business in 2011. It wasn't until 2015 that I came up with a name for it: Pet Lover's Passion, because pet lovers should follow their passion for training animals!

I started teaching my own dog tricks in 2007, which quickly turned into a career choice. I was an entrepreneur back in high school!

I would like to cordially invite you to join me in this passion! I'm excited to help you reach your dog training goals! Call me first!

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Notice the difference kindness can make!

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I help confused dog owners go from exhausted by their dog’s crazy behavior to finding clarity on the right training methods that get results so they can enjoy the calm companion they’ve always dreamed of.

More than Just Training for Dogs and Cats

Pet Lover's Passion is committed to improving the lives of pets everywhere through training! At PLP, we believe training should always be fun! Specializing in relationship based dog training, puppy training, cat training, dog behavior modification and problem solving, help for fearful dogs and separation anxiety, house training, obedience and trick training, and animal massage and nutrition for dogs and cats, including raw feeding. Please reach out with any questions you have ☺

Training anywhere in the United States, and originating from State College, PA 16803


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