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Pet Lover's Passion

Where Training is Fun!

We specialize in relationship-based pet training and make your success our priority!

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Training for Dogs and Cats

If you're looking for training that lasts and a dog and cat who adore listening to you, relationship-based training is the way to go! Heather uses kind methods that get to the root of the problem of undesirable behaviors and helps pet owners resolve their causes so that they can enjoy a calm, confident, well-behaved dog (or cat)! Heather provides:

🐾 Behavior Modification

🐾 Problem Solving

🐾 Help for Fearful Dogs

🐾 Separation Anxiety

🐾 Puppy Training

🐾 Obedience and Tricks

"Before Heather we had 2 over-reactive dogs that we dreaded taking on walks. Within 4 sessions our dogs are calmer around the house, on walks, and around other dogs. Heather is such a good observer of animal behavior…she was able to point out the details we were missing. She gave us effective homework between meetings and we now have more obedient dogs and a better relationship with them."

Wendy and Ben
5 Stars! Highly Recommend!

"Heather is very knowledgeable and was great with helping us train our golden retriever. We have noticed a big change in his behavior from the time she first came to our last session. His manners are much improved and he even learned some new tricks! I would recommend Heather to anyone who is trying to train their pet. -John and Alisa"

2015 Client Testimonial
5 Stars!

"Wow! What an affordable price! -Richard"

2016 Client Comment
Very Pleased!

"Heather has helped me (us) gain insight into how to relate to our two dogs, Gandalf and Pepper, and be more effective in training them. -Rich & Stephanie"

2016 Client Testimonial
5 Stars!

"Very helpful at giving familiar ideas on what would work for their pet. Really connects with our dog and the dog looks forward to her coming. Definitely have made progress from sessions."

5 Stars!

"Heather has been a great trainer, and our dog has come so far with her guidance. We highly recommend her to anyone!"

Angie K.
5 star review

"Where Training is Fun!"

Hi, my name is Heather! I believe there is much joy to be found in training animals, and some of my favorite things about it are when that light bulb goes off in an animal's head, and also when my clients realize their pet was capable of more than they'd imagined!

That does it for me! That right there is the passion that inspired me to create this business in 2011. It wasn't until 2015 that I came up with a name for it: Pet Lover's Passion, because pet lovers should follow their passion for training animals!

I started teaching my own dog tricks in 2007, which quickly turned into a career choice. I was an entrepreneur back in high school!

I would like to cordially invite you to join me in this passion! I hope you'll stick around and explore my website; who knows, we may just do business together!

Explore my Offers

Does your beloved dog suffer from fears or anxiety? Do you seek relief from pulling, jumping, chewing or barking? Do you have a puppy that is displaying troubling behaviors?

If you are struggling with one or more of these things, I want to hear your story to see how I can help! My name is Heather, and I am a professional dog trainer who has trained hundreds of dogs since 2015, especially those with anxiety - with much success! Schedule a call with me on this page. Calls (Zoom or phone) will be recorded for the sole purpose of my note-taking and review. Please set aside an hour in your schedule, as people seem to enjoy talking with me :) Signing up for this call costs you nothing. Please value my time by showing up. I look forward to speaking with you!

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Blog Posts

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Upcoming Group Trainings

Puppy Training Bootcamp

Date to be determined, 2022 at 7pm ET

  • How to choose the right puppy for your lifestyle and household
  • How to prepare for a puppy and avoid puppy training nightmares
  • How to housetrain effectively and stop puppy-nipping in its tracks
  • Learn everything else trainers wish all people knew when bringing a new puppy into their life
  • Includes live training and Q&A session
Sign up for only $50

Is It Really Separation Anxiety?

Date to be determined, 2022 at 7pm ET

  • The common misinterpretation of dogs' signals
  • What the behavior actually could be
  • How to properly diagnose a dog with separation anxiety
  • Steps to take toward the solution
  • A sneak-peek into the secret to solving all kinds of problem behaviors
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How to Get Your Dog to Stop Pulling on Walks!

Thursday, date to be determined, 2022 at 7pm ET

  • The #1 mistake people make when trying to train their dogs to stop pulling
  • The best harness for reducing pulling right away
  • Steps to take to teach your dog to walk with you
  • A sneak-peek into the secret to solving all kinds of problem behaviors
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Are you worn out by your dog's anxiety, jumping, chewing, barking, begging, pulling or other behaviors?

I want to hear about it! I am doing research on what pet parents' biggest frustrations are, and you can help! If you are interested in answering questions, please book a call.

Pet Lover's Passion is committed to improving the lives of pets everywhere through training! At PLP, we believe training should always be fun! Specializing in relationship based dog training, puppy training, cat training, dog behavior modification, house training, trick training, and more!

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